10 Amazing Facts about Donald Trump, Which He Doesn’t Want to Expose

The 45th President of United States of America, a businessman, an actor and a politician, Donald Trump nowadays stands in the main focus area of the whole world. He is the most peculiar of all presidents in the American history.

He is among the list of top 500 richest businessmen around the whole world. Along with his bombastic speeches and amazing actions, there are some other things which will definitely shock you.

  1. President Donald released his own brand of vodka despite the fact that he doesn’t drink or even smoke. He is a businessman who only wants to make money even by introducing products he doesn’t even like due to his personal reasons.
  2. Trump has his own Board game which was introduced by Milton Bradley in 1989.He was an icon in the whole media due to his loan taking story from his father and converting that money into million dollar empire. But, in the end, the game was a huge flop.
  3. In 1990, Donald had won worst supporting actor award for his role in “Ghosts Can’t Do It”.
  4. Donald Trump is actually a Germaphobe, who fear to shake hands with other people. He accepted this reality that he prefers to have clean hands, but due to his position as president, he has to shake many hands in one day.
  5. In one of his interview, he said that he thinks his personality did not change since the first grade. If it is true, then it is very alarming for the Americans as Donald was very popular for throwing birthday cakes in parties and even erasers at his teachers.
  6. Donald Trump almost made $375,000 per episode by appearing in his own show known as “The Apprentice”. It was very popular for a short period of time and gave trump a great exposure too.
  7. Trump once said that he never went to an ATM. This can be true because he grew up as a rich man and probably he had someone who can go for him at the ATM.
  8. He offered lifetime membership of golf to Barack Obama.
  9. The President has hosted many WWE events organized at the Trump Plaza, located in Atlantic City.
  10. The British parliament has started their debate on banning Trump to enter their country.