10 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is usually found in golden color and in liquid form, but sometimes can be changed into semi-solid form for other purposes. Honey is among the famous sweeteners in the world and is collected from the nectar of honey bees. Many other insects also produce honey, but their quality is not as good as bees. Approximately 300 kinds of honey are available in two different forms.

One is light in color which has a mild flavor; the other is dark having a strong flavor. Honey is the oldest and the reliable sweetener used for many purposes, in desserts, in baking, can be taken as a spread or mixed in drinks for adding flavors. Honey is a sweetener which also provides benefits to the human body and is also used as medicines for more than 4000 years ago. It is an antibacterial agent due to its low water content and other osmotic properties. Some of its health benefits are as under:

  1. Act as an antioxidant: Honey with dark golden color have been found to contain more antioxidants than the lighter one. These antioxidants help to fight against damage cells that cause diseases like cancer and heart problems. Its anti-oxidant properties also protect against oxidation, which is responsible for the growth of many other chronic diseases.
  2. Regulate sugar level: Honey is sweeter than granulated sugar. It actually contains an equal amount of glucose and fructose, which regulates the blood sugar level in the human body.
  3. Multi-effects: It has multi effects on our body, honey act as anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic agent. It controls the growth of many microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria in the body. Due to its low water content, it oxidizes the anti-bacterial agent i-e hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Balance elements: Honey has been used in India for past 4000 years and is an important part of Ayurvedic It helps to balance the elements in the human body which are needed for proper functioning of the body. When honey is mixed with other herbs, it enhances their qualities and helps the medicines to reach the deeper tissues.
  5. Skin care: Honey is also beneficial for the skin. Many cosmetic brands have honey in their products as their main component. Due to its thick nature, it is perfect for skin and hair, as it brings smoothness to them.
  6. Control Cholesterol level: Honey can also control cholesterol level when taken with cinnamon, as this herb reduces the cholesterol grades from the body fluid of the body. It also decreases the risk of heart problems.
  7. Helpful for sore throats: One of the major and famous benefits of honey is that it helps to treat the swollen throats and infections caused in the throat. If you are fed up from throat infection, then try honey mixed in warm water, it will definitely help to relieve you from a cough and infection too.
  8. Fight against fat: Honey with cinnamon can help to reduce weight. If taken on a daily basis, it will control the fat building element. This herb will be effective when taken empty stomach, usually before breakfast.
  9. A toothache and stomach ache: honey is also beneficial in the tooth and stomach ache, as it relieves the pain. It cleans and heals the ulcer. It also controls constipation when taken as with warm milk.
  10. Fit and flexible:  Experiments have shown that people who take honey with cinnamon are more fit and flexible than others.