10 Random Facts about Hippopotamus

Do you ever see hippo’s walking on the land? Mostly we have seen this animal in the water, it seems like they love the water and want to spend their most of time in it. The hippopotamus is actually the combination of two Greek words “hippo” means horse and “Potamus” means river, so the full meaning of this word is river horse.

It is the most popular animal found in Africa along with its other friends i.e. Elephant, giraffes, lions, and zebras. Hippos stand third in the list of the largest mammals on land and also the heaviest extant artiodactyl. Some amazing facts about this animal are as under:

  1. Have you ever thought that how hippos survive under water? It is because they can hold their breath underwater for almost half an hour. They can sleep even in water, by closing their nostrils during submerging.
  2. Most of the mammals give birth to their offspring on land, but in the case of a hippopotamus, all the process of reproduction and childbirth occur in the water, even the couple mates underneath the water. A newborn baby weighs almost near to 42 kg.
  3. A hippo’s milk contains approximately 500 calories and its color is pink. They are the only mammal that gives pink milk. The main reason of the pink color is that they secrete two different types of acids known as Hipposudoric acid and Norhipposudoric acid.
  4. They usually like to live in clusters; almost ten to thirty in a herd. It is the duty of all female hippos to look after the newborn along with the mother. At an age of five or six, a female hippo reaches their reproductive stage.
  5. The earliest fossil of a hippopotamus that was found in Africa is considered to be 16 million years old. The maximum age span of a hippo is 40 to 45 years and Donna, the oldest hippo died at the age of 62.
  6. When hippo yawns, it is usually the sign of threatening. Its teeth structure is similar to the tusks of the elephant, which indicates that they are also made up of ivory.
  7. Hippos are herbivorous and they can easily eat up 150 pounds of grass in one day.
  8. It is considered to be the most dangerous animal as it has killed a number of humans. They often attack humans without any reason.
  9. The strongest muscle of a hippo is masseter.
  10. Many people think that hippos sweat blood but in real their natural skin oil is red. This oil protects their skin from cracking.