Facts About Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Are you a shoe lover? Well, if you have more than five pair of shoes in your cupboard then you really are. But even if you don’t have a habit of purchasing more than one shoe in a season, you’ll probably be surprised to know how much people spend their money for getting two pairs of fine leather for their feet. Here are the list of top most expensive shoes in the world. Have a look

Nike Mag:

Nike Company took almost 27 years to make an auto lacing shoe and only hundred pairs were developed. They named them as Nike Mag and sell them over $28,000.

Gucci Fur Slippers:

These slippers cost you about dollar 1,800 because of their structure which resembles more to a living creature.

Adidas NMD “Pitch Black”:

These sneakers cost about dollar three thousand and only five hundred pairs of these shoes have been manufactured by the company.

Gucci Spike Loafer:

These crazy looking loafers cost dollar 2,000.

Rick Owens x Adidas Mastodon:

Although these shoes look strange, but so you now that they will cost you about dollar two thousand? It might be due to the expensive material used in their production.

Prada Derby Shoes:

The price of these fascinating shoes is around dollar 1,500.

Autographed Kobe Air Zoom:

These shoes cost up to $30,000 due to Kobe’s signatures on them.

Rick Owens ‘GeoBasket’:

These shoes cost about dollar 6 thousand and are mainly popular among celebrities.

Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos:

They cost half a million dollars because of diamonds embedded in them.

Jason Arasheben Custom:

These shoes have diamond encrusted in them and they were worn by Nick Cannon when he hosted the final season of American Idol. The estimated cost of these shoes is dollar two million.

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels:

These shoes have embedded precious gem that you haven’t even thought to buy, that’s why they cost about dollar 3 million.

Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks:

They are covered in 24K gold. Do you want to wear these $6,000 sneakers around too often? Probably not, because who wants to get their gold dirty?

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers:

You can buy an exact replica of the red magic shoes of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for only dollar 3 million.

Shoes thrown at President George W Bush:

These shoes were actually thrown by an Iraqi reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi and were bought for nearly 10 million dollars.  After the incident even its shoemaker got an order of nearly 30,000 pairs in a week only.