Facts About The Biggest Cruise Ships In The World

Have you ever decided to spend your vacations on a cruise? If not then ready yourself and your family to spend the next holidays on the biggest cruise. These larger cruise ships are full of luxurious and impressive amenities. They actually resemble more to a giant city which is sailing across the ocean. These ships have almost everything which a family wants on its vacations starting from the lavish casinos to the boisterous opera; everything here will let you have a blast. Have a look for the biggest cruise ships that you may consider for your next trip.

MSC Splendida:

This 332m long cruise was built in 2009. The cruise has thirteen decks, and weighs 137,936 tons. It has the capacity of carrying 3,300 passengers at one time.

Mariner of the Seas:

It is the part of the Royal Caribbean line of ships with 14 decks and weighs about 138,279 tons. It has the capacity to carry 3,807 passengers.  It is 310m long and was built in 2003 and refurbished in 2012.

Navigator of the Seas:

The Navigator of the Seas is 310m long and can carry up to 3,990 travelers. It was first built in 2003 and restored in 2014. This navigator of the seas has 14 decks and weighs 138,279 tons.

Regal Princess:

The Regal Princess weighs 141,000 tons, with 15 decks and capacity of carrying 3,560 passengers. It was built in 2014 and is 330m long.

Norwegian Getaway:

This cruise ship has its own water park and has the capacity to carry 4,000 passengers. It weighs about 144,017 tons.


Britannia is able to carry up to 3,600 passengers and weight 141,000 tons. The ship is actually the part of the P&O Cruises and was actually built in 2005.

Queen Mary 2:

It was actually created in 2003 but refurbished in 2016. This beautiful ship weighs 148,528 tons with a length of 345m and can carry 2,691 passengers.

World Dream:

It is recently manufactured in 2017 and weighs about 151,300 tons. The ship is ported in Hong Kong and Nansha. It probably tours out to the Philippines and Vietnam.

Freedom of the Seas:

It was created in 2006 and then reformed in 2015.  It tours the Bahamas on weekly basis with an inspiring weight of 154,407 tons. The ship is capable of carrying 4,515 passengers.

Oasis of the Seas:

This monster cruise weight about 225,282 tons has the capacity of carrying almost 6,780 passengers at one time. It has 16 decks and 361m long. This stands in the list of Royal Caribbean’s largest ships.

Harmony of the Seas:

It was manufactured in 2016 and weighing 226,963 tons. It was considered to be the world‘s biggest ship until the launch of its new model. It has the capacity to carry 6687 passengers.

Symphony of the Seas:

It is the world’s largest cruise ship, weighing 230,000 tons.  The ship has 16 decks and is capable of carrying almost 5,400 passengers.