Frightening Facts About Organ Trafficking

Do you know that almost 120,675 patients are waiting for the organ transplant? So it is clear that the need and demand of fresh organ are very high. Even medical doctors, criminals and politicians are taking part in organ trafficking.

They unbalanced system and high level of poverty prevailing in third world countries have contributed to formulate a situation where the desperate people eager to do anything either to sell or receive illegal organs. Here are some frightening facts about organ trafficking. Have a look.

  1. Every five to ten per cent transplanted kidney comes from organ trafficking.
  2. According to World Health Organization report, the price of trafficked kidney ranges almost from$700 in South Africa to $30,000 in the U.S. This illegal trade has grown to such an extent that more than 10,000 organ trafficking operations happen each year.
  3. In Italy, three Ukrainian women were caught while auctioning their unborn babies. The officials believe that they sell babies to those who are looking for their organs or sometimes for illegal adoption.
  4. The price of the heart in the black market is up to one million pound approximately.
  5. Organs are not just used for transplant purpose; there is also a high demand of organs for illegal experimentations and even some parts such as the genitals are used for black magic.
  6. According to the evidences collected by a worldwide network of doctors, traffickers are now demanding more money due to the increasing demand for the kidneys.
  7. Some people have been reported to become the victim of organ snatching and involuntary organ donation.
  8. A network of human traffickers is involved in this whole organ trafficking system in which brokers, patients and even surgeons are included.
  9. Corrupt doctors mostly target children’s with poor background or any disability.
  10. In 2011, a leaked document revealed that Kosovo’s prime minister, was the head of this mafia network involved in organ trafficking.
  11. In china, the organ brokers advertise by putting weird slogans on them such as “Donate a kidney, buy the new iPad”.
  12. Patients mostly go to China, India or Pakistan for their surgeries, where they can get a kidney by paying $200,000 to traffickers.